MISSESFREE - ongoing

missesfree is the synonym for my ongoing process of collecting, documenting
and responding to myself and the world around me. I understand missesfree
as a personal playground - the main place where i take notes, make sketches
and collect things or thoughts about what I view, hear and experience.

missesfree represends a diverse range of practice between different genres,
disciplines and mediums, containing life-exploration and life-documentation via
diaries and blogs, self-portraits, site-specific audiovisual installations,
sound-recordings, yarn-bombing, mail-art, painting and various "anonymes"
work left in public places. Also it is a place where I keep on experimenting with new things, techniques, themes and interests.

mainly missesfree is a focus on experimental self-expression and an impulse
driven interaction with the things that happen around me by leaving visual or
audible marks and statements on the world.

I am fascinated by guerilla-/street-art in any form and I love people, rubbish,
noise and sketchbooks. currently I am curious about sound in all its aspects
as rawmaterial for installations, video and performances. furthermore I am
fascinated by printmaking techniques.

I am fascinated by questions about how sound can be visualized and how
sound relates to its sourounding and/or the objekt (or maybe the action) that
makes it. especially I am interested in questions related to the aesthetics
of noise.

also I am fascinated by questions about the different frameworks of the human
perception: how is this framework produced by the experiences we make in
daily live on the one hand and how does the framework determine the way we
perceive our surroundings on the other hand ? I am fascinated by the things
that people simply don´t (want to) see and don´t (want to) hear, the things
people fade out either involuntarily or consciously.