PHOTOPHONIE / sound-installation

sound on loop, electronics, speaker, light


The act of taking pictures requires that we devote our concentration to visual concerns.

However, the sounds of a camera offer important technical information about the process of taking photos and we react to them when we use a camera: there is a special sound which tells us that the camera is finding the correct focus, there is a special sound which tells us that the flash is ready to use, another sound tells us that the camera is winding the film (if we are using film!) and another one gives us the information that we successfully took a new photo. This acoustic information is a by-product of capturing something visual.

For this sound-installation, my point of departure was to turn invert the visual and auditory hierarchy of the photographical process; to focus on the sound of taking pictures.

I collected and recorded the different sounds of a several various cameras, modified them (some more and some less), and then arranged them into a 12 minute audio composition. The sound piece was installed in a room with red light, inspired by a photo darkroom's safe-light.

This piece was also released on CD in a limited edition.